2010-05-08 05:23:38 (UTC)

end of a shit week

well its not got better since i was confirmed as have this
crap illness
i dont know if the illness is anywhere near as bad as the
its great my friends are supporting me
but i have t look at all the plus and negatives sadly far
more neg than positive
i really cant handle this right now
i tooka trip out to nowhere and screamed but that did
little for me
i guess i am feel so down with this dam poisen they are
shooting into me
ann is really being there for me
esp in the bad moments when it hit me
and there are many of those
i think my self its have the knowledge that my mom did not
survive this illness
and i dont want to go that route
i dont want see it again let alone feel it
but hey lets hope
i guess ia m not so good company and i stopped talking to
friends i just dont know what to say to them
i really dont
lisa xx

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