Reality Bites
2001-10-10 01:16:13 (UTC)

Beach Day!

Hey today was beach day at school-for homecoming week
spirit days, it was fun, not as ,many people dressed up as
I thought would, but a lot did. Most of my friends did, I
wore a red spaghetti strap tank top and jean shorts and my
hair down and semi-curly with sunglasses on my head and a
colorful lei. I got F's on 2 of my French tests, I was
pissed then this psyco guy in my class-the type you can see
blowing up the school-called me a stupid princess and I
snapped at him. Lol everyone clapped cause no one stands up
to him cause they're afraid, I was like uh-uh. Lets see
HOTT SENIOR CHRIS was really cute today!! After school Tim
drove me, Jenn and Lyss to Camino's Coffee and we got
mochas and then went shopping for Nostaligia outfits for
tomarrow's spirit day. I found the cutest 50's skirt and
shirt, so I'm excited:). Alyss found a skirt too. Then we
went to Kelly's Deli and split a fruit salad, then took the
bus home. Andy was on the bus too..He's so cute! He's a
freshman, I talked to him he's sweet and kinda hot for a
frosh..I gotta go do Homework-I'll write later.