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2010-05-07 19:52:49 (UTC)


today, i am starting my diary. i need to get what i feel out
there. one thing ive learnt about life, is that its hard,
and just as you think its going uphill, it starts sliding
down again, like the cup is half empty, we all you want, all
everyone else wants, is the cup to be full to the brim.
another thing ive learnt, is to always look for the silver
lining, because there always is one, you have to make the
best from the worst, and constantly wear a smile on your
dial, even if, behind the perfect smiles, is the un-so
perfect truth. we cant change our past, we cant change the
way people act, but we can change the way we look at things,
and that to me, having the right attitude, is more important
than anything.

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