The Life Of Me
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2010-05-07 13:40:23 (UTC)

My Life (Entry 1)

You know some people say that life is never easy, even
from the very first breath we take life is chaos. I am
living proof of that statement. I can remember as far back
as the day my mom left my dad. I was five years old,
sitting on the floor in the kitchen, finding a pot for my
dad to cook dinner in. All of a sudden I remember my mom
bursting in angry, in a rage, screaming at my dad. I never
could remember what exactly she said, but I saw the hurt in
my dad's eyes. He screamed back at her, the my mom
said "Fine I'll take Nicole and leave." Then she grabbed
me, some of my clothes, my favorite bunny, and put me in
the car, then we were gone. I talked to my dad on the phone
all the time, and for a couple of months I spent countless
night in many different places. My dad's, gradma's, aunts,
random hotels, and random people's houses.People I had
never seen before. I didn't find out until years later that
my mom was on drugs, and prostituting herself out.

I can never remember every event that happened in my
life, because alot of it I have blocked out. The day that
my mom took me from my dad was the day it started. For
almost eight months after that I was terrified. I went from
place to place. I would call my dad crying, telling him to
come and get me, and he would. I was always so happy with
my dad. Then in the process of all this my dad met Paula
Arnold. At seven she became my step-mother. I met Paula's,
and her kids, because they lived down the street from me
and my grandfather. She has three kids, Benny the Oldest,
Dale the middle child, and Heather the youngest. We all
seemed to get along. There would be sometimes I would call
my dad to come and get me, and Paula would be with him.
They would take me to the house, give me a bath, feed me,
and comb my hair. They never understood how my mom could
let me go without a bath, or let my hair get that knotted.

In the process of eight months, my mom found out she
couldn't take care of me. She gave me back to my dad. I was
so happy. Then I met my best friend as a kid. Tiffany,
Tiffers as I called her. That's when Mrs. Joanne down the
street used to babysit us both. We were inseperable. We
used to ride our bikes everywhere in our neighborhood, and
all behind of hope mills middle school. We used to dance on
the football field when no one was there. My dad always
told me be home before the street lights come on. We got
into so much trouble together. Having her around made life
seem so much easier. I had a friend, I always had someone
to talk to. We did everthing together. I remember on year
we were playing hide and go seek in her house.. I hid in
the bathtub next thing I know, the tile in the tub crumbled
in around the soap dish. We were both freaking out. She was
like go home, I'll tell them I did it. We never did that
again. She met my older brother Gary Reynolds. We all used
to go behind her house, and Hope Mills middle school,
having a ball. We would just act crazy, and ride bikes,
play soccer. Those were the good days. When my brother was
actually around, and so was my dad.

At seven my dad married Paula. I hated her. She always
treated me differently, and she hated Tiffany. Everything
my mom ever bought me she destroyed. Any toy my dad ever
got me went to her daughter. I lost everything, even my own
room. I had a Beauty and the Beast room set. Sheets,
comforter, pictures, rugs. Then I got a Little Mermaid set.
They destroyed them both. I remember one year, for my
birthday my mom bought me a pound puppy with six puppies.
They ripped all the puppies apart, and burnt everything.
That was woman is evil she always has been, and she always
will be.

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