Little Secrets
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2010-05-06 22:10:22 (UTC)

Don't cut yourself short. Many great things come from those who believe.

During the past few days in school, we have been filling
out our course selections for the classes we want to take
next year. I look at my sheet and see intimidating classes
like, Bioinformatics and Academic Chemistry and
Precalculus. I was so excited to be growing up. Then I
started to truly think about it. Junior year..the year
when you start being recognized in the Academic world. The
one thing that comes to my mind when I think about all of
this is; "Am I going to succeed?"
People always say, "Try your hardest, and you'll get
far". Which is pretty true for the most part. But to me,
to be successful, you must have the want to be successful
as well as a goal. If you want to be the next President of
the United States, good luck to you. But not everyone is
going to have the chance to be President.
Now, I'm trying not to ruin the dreams of other people.
But I am merely speaking the truth. If you hate history
and you can't stand politics, how are you to be President?
I see teenagers say that kind of thing everyday. Some girl
may say.. "I want to help people, so I'm going to become a
nurse"...where they can't even stand the sight of seeing
someone sweat.
As for me, I always dreamed of being a Crime Scene
Investigator. But the truth is, I cannot stand math at
all. Math is a big part of science. Sure, having that
carreer would be great, but it doesn't match my
personality. For me, I love animals, and helping people,
making people happy and having them have a good time. But
I also speak my mind all the time and to be quite honest,
it has a tendency to get me in trouble. But I will never
find a job that flatters all of those aspects about me.
But just recently I found another aspect and talent that
I never knew about. That's my passion for writing. I can
make people happy, have an affect on issues that people
suffer from, and I get to speak my mind. All of my
qualities in one hobby.
Don't sell yourself short, either.