2010-05-06 13:43:01 (UTC)

lovers qaulms

So i just signed myself up on an online dairy...

thought i would need to keep myself occupied when my
relationship comes to an end..... because it is... comming
to an end that is....

All we do is argue about the pettiest of things, and its
getting to me. Day in and day out its the same thing.
Week in and week out its the same thing.

We okay for one week and then the next week we at
eachothers throats! its making me physically ill but he
just doesnt see it! he doesnt see that he is my world and
i would give up everything for him.... he doesnt see that
after over a year of putting up with his emotional and
mental abuse im still here purely because i love him so
very much.

I look at my friends, who now have stable relationships,
which ofcourse is how it should be at our age.... and i
see them with their boyfriends, for some reason i find
myself envying them.... i want that to, the guy who will
drop everything when im in trouble to help me, who, no
matter what time it is, will leave everything to come and
see me because thats how much he misses me.....

I mean, im a nice girl... why cant he open his eyes to
what he has, before its to late and he doesnt have me

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