Alex Star Maryanne

My Secert Life
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2010-05-06 02:26:01 (UTC)

friend roumors i am really mean person

so my friend likes this boy and he aperantly like her back and he is dating
someone and i used to like him but yeah he is a jerk and my friend dosent
belive me so i am gonna make her find out the hard way. my best friend liked a
guy all this year and is really shy and she has never in her life ever said hi to
him 2 days ago she went open her locker and found a note that said i like you
will you go out with me it has (no name) she though who is it and though
about her crush and turned around and looked at him and he winked she
though maybee its him! and told me right away ok i heard my loud sister
talking to her friends And NEW BF! and i hate him he is a pig nosed ugly
monster so i no who she likes who she hate and the people who asked her out
and who she will ask out! jack pot i just asked out someone today no reply yet
though i got in a fight with my friend i said a joke and she took it to heart and
yelled in my face :( my mom had a spazz and said (I NEVER WORKED ALL DAY
the house and went to my best friend who lives in front of me and througha
water ballon at his dog then we felt bad and he through a sock in my hair and i
said i had to go i didnt but i was mad but it was kindda funny only if it hit him
though! :( well i will write again when i find more secerts

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