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2010-05-05 15:49:29 (UTC)

juss tew much

omqq. i nevahh told yhu about Mario lolss. i remember ahh month aqo i saw hymm nn breakfast one morninqq i was askinqq people who he was cuz i wanted tew talk tew hymm. budd after i found out he was a hoe and shit i didnt want tew talk tew hymm. budd now datsz mahh boyfriend. uqahhh. okayy dis how ihdd started nn no i dont qo widd Thaddeus anymore. last Friday we were outside ndd he was tellinqq mmehh likk how he liked mehh ndd wanted tew makk mehh his qirl rite. sooo. im likk i have ahh boyfriend ndd he kept on messinqq widd mehh. sov we were at dahh park nn robert dem left us alone tew qo qet ahh blunt. so we was just sittinqq dere talkinqq and he was juss tellinqq mwhh how much he wannahh chanqe. ndd how he tired of dese little hoes. he said he need ahh wife not ahh qirlfriend. den he told mehh dat robert told hymm how much i been hurt nn mahh life. lolss so we was juss talkinqqabout our lifes ndd we kissed. yes we kissed. so we was textinqq eachother all nite.ndd den dahh next day we went tew dee moviesz ndd we was cakinqq ihdd.lolss ndd janel is a cockblock. budd . anyway. i really dew likk hymm nn i believe he qon chanqe. omqq. mahh daddy was qoinqq throuqh mahh fone. ndd saw dahh pikksz of mehh ndd Mario kissinqq so dey was mad ndd nahh im on punishment lolss i qottahh talk tew yhu lattahh