Fire and Water
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2010-05-05 05:41:02 (UTC)

Wakeing Up/Interweb

Somthing odd has hapened as of late. I hae somhow aquired
a light sprikling of insomia I stay up until anyqhere
between 1 and 4:30am yet my biological alarm clock woun't
allow me to sleep past 10:30am! This is strange but non
the less it bothers me very little the reallly strange
thing is I have developed a seething hatre of waking up.
Not becouse I don't want to live or my lifes all
depressing or any emo shit like that. Wakin up has become
an altogether unpleasant and just plain annoying part of
my day altogether. I useally wake up to ridiculously
bright surroundings (my own fault) with a dull ach in my
head and overheated. To further that my dreams are always
JUST getting good. Argh I ust wish I could completely
bypass that hurtle -_-

I'm just waiting for the internet to cut out any day now
the bill will be paid friday hopefully it wont cut out at