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2010-05-04 23:29:19 (UTC)

Scared :(

I am soooo scared. My friends... Samantha S. is making me hug
my boyfriend! I want to but I am scared. I'm only in 4th
grade. She's making me hug him because, my master plan by the
end of 4th grade is to make Samantha hug her crush Ryan H. So,
Samantha is making me hug Brendan. When I hug Brendan, she
will hug Ryan!!! I'm scared :| By the way, I will try to write
on this everyday. My life is very exciting now! I will definitely write tomorrow because I need to tell you guys how
the hug went and if Samantha actually hugged Ryan. I will hug
Brendan. I am just scared even though i hug boys all the time!
Wish me luck ^_^ Bye :D:P :P:D :P:D :D:P By the way... I love
doing that!!!!!!!

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