My Love For You
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2010-05-04 19:00:25 (UTC)

04 May 2010

Ok, its been 2 days since you told me that i should leave
you alone and move on with your life, you told me i need to
sort my life out and we were not together anymore.

Quite frankly, i dont know how to feel, i know i was in the
wrong, i know i was wrong, i regret everything that i did
and i cannot bear what i put you through as a young woman.
What was i thinking when i was doing all those things? To be
honest it was the environment that i was in that made me
forget about the love and bond that i had with you and how
much you meant to me.

I know i did say i wasnt going to make a diary of my life
since you left me but i think its only fair for the world to
know that you are the best thing that ever happened to a
fool like me and you are the best girl in the world. I cant
stop thinking about her, she meant so much to me and she
still means the world to me and wouldnt trade anything for
her. In life you meet someone for 5 minutes and they have a
big impact in your life and with you thats exactly how i
feel, you became part of me and the fact that you are miles
away from me in another country makes me want to cry because
i cant cuddle you, i cant touch or hold your hand, i cant do
all those silly little things that i used to do to you, i
miss you dearly and i am hurting inside.

I know i was wrong, i am wrong and i want to make things
right, 6 months is a long time and its only been a few weeks
and i feel as if you have forgotten about me completely, we
had something, i know we had something and all i do now is
pray that when you come back we will still have something. I
cant imagine you being with someone else, as selfish as that
sounds, i want you all to myself and i should have not done
with i done with other girls. I do admit i was wrong and at
the time everything seemed normal, i might have got up to no
good but i have never stopped loving you and will never stop
loving you.

I wasnt honest and trustworthy but i promise to keep a diary
of my thoughts of you because you deserve nothing but the
best but i hope i can provide you with the best but if i
cant then im sure some other man can provide you with the

You were my young love, my real love and i fell for you head
over heals, it took me a long time just to go out with you
on our first date and i cherish every moment that we spent
together, i wish we could have time together, i wish for so
much, my sights are on sorting my life out in England and
then moving back home because thats where i can be truly
myself and i need you by my side.

I love you so much Alejandra Guerra Unwin Dube