teanage gypsy
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2010-05-04 02:00:01 (UTC)

Hey, everybody!!! Six flags Answer the question.

Hey, all ya'll bloggers!!! Checking in from nowheresville
U.S.A. Where sitting listening to your husband bitch and
gripeing about stupid things that it really don't matter...

My little girl is 6 months old. She's just such a
pretty little thing. IF you only seen her, You'll think
she's an angel. But behind that pretty little head, tiny
little horns...

Okay, here's a question: Who loves having fun at Six
Flags? I had an awsome time with my husban, my sister,
brother-in-law, and brother. I roads some rides. I even
road the Mr. Freeze with my sister. I never road it before.

I love riding the titan too. That's a
cool ride. Does anyone else likes it too? I'm talking
about both.. Time to watch some tv or whatever Keep
reading my online journal for more days in a life of a
teenage gypsy. I'll be here, just always going.

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