this is the way my life goes
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2010-05-04 01:09:02 (UTC)


You know when lonelyness eats u up inside and you can't realease it so
you keep it bottled up j feel like your gunna explode. So u just keep them
down and put on a front. If u answered yes then u no wut my life is semi
like. The lonelieness just makes me feel like crap :( :*(. Everyone has the
but no one will make me a copy and hand it to me .

Pretty girls
they make me mad I wishthey could take a walk in the ugly girls shoes
and see if they like it the next time they feel the need 2 make fun of a girl.
If you don't knw someones history you won't understand why they r the
way that they r .
Take me for instance I'm deffensivd of myself if u don't like me step aside
bych. Ok well I think that's all I have to say 4 the time being I think Its
good to let out the bad emotions