Little Secrets
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2010-05-04 00:55:08 (UTC)

Drama..learn to deal with it.

High School is full of new people and experiences that you
will never be able to relive. Well, at least that's what
people want you to think. The sad thing is, there are a
lot more drama and homework that people don't tell you

Now, don't get me wrong..high school does have it's very
good moments...but when you attend a private school....you
have a lot more complicated drama occur within your life.

There are a couple strategies that you learn very well in
high school, though. Let's go from most known strategies,
to the ones you will never believe.

1.) Trust no one.
Probably the only rule that will get you through senior
year. Although, you do have that handful of friend's that
you can truly trust. but when you talk to people outside
of you :comfort zone", you need to take caution of what
you say because word travels fast.

2.) Exclude yourself from all drama.
People seem to think that it's not possible...but it
really is. When someone comes up to you and is about to
gossip, just simply say "I don't want to gossip." There.
Done. It's just like saying no to drugs. All you have do
is say "no".

3.) You're your own person. Dress the way you want.
I see girls freaking out about what they are wearing to
school. I hear "What should I wear tomorrow? I want him to
notice me". Actually, if you want to have a boy notice
you, try and dress like yourself and be your own person.
If you try and be someone you're not, how can the guy get
to know you? It's like your in the FBI, and your true
indentity is hidden. It's not hard to be yourself.

Bottom line is, drama is drama. It's hard to ignore, but
easy to isolate yourself from it.