this is the way my life goes
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2010-05-03 15:59:36 (UTC)

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so hopless u wish u hadn't woken up this morning and
all you think about is leaving the he'll hole we call school? Have you ever
liked someone but know they will never like you back? Have u ever just
wanted 2 cut the pretty girl that all the boys talk about cuz she's hot? I
I really wish I wasn't herei wish I had the looks the others girls had most
of all I wish I could go back in time and change everything that happened.
Wowowowowowow I'm really emo but I'm acctually not emo.. The boys in
this class( yes I'm in school) talk about t and a the whole hour or bus or
having sex or about other girls. Honestly I wish I wasn't in here right now
this is the only class that I generally feel like this but I normally feel semi
you see my best friend has bassically been ignoring me since spring break
which was like a month ago and I feel like shit I mean I hate 2 whine but
he'll the person I feel closes to is this journal and it's not even a real
person it's just my thoughts about how I dint really like where I am in life.
Eveyone qround me thinks I'm happy with what is going. But am I truely
happy when my emotions r so crazy that I feel like I should just let it out
right here and now. I wish someone wud cut all the people who ever did
me wrong ( well not cut more like make them ugly) because then I wud
maybe get the last laugh but no they keep getting pretty and I keep
getting ugly

Ok well this isn't what I wanted to say on here but I feel like I'm drowning
in my own emotions and this is basically my life raft


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