Fire and Water
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2010-05-03 15:42:53 (UTC)

Impending DOOOOOMMM!!!!

lol The internet will be out untill friday so I wont be
talking to you fora couple daysits all good though I'll
live. Oh I just got on this dating site called Zoosk or
somthin like that. Its free and it gives me ten daily
matches and gives me a number of ways to talk to them. I
found an extream milf lol but she was a little too old for
me then I fond a girl I liked but alas she had three
kids..I till winked at her though who knows maybe that
could work? But THEN I found this cutie who's two years
younger that me and WOW! We have a LOt in comon the only
problem I have is that her profile says she drinks
socially so...I'll just have to swallow that deep seeded
childhood problem. Anyhoo I promise 'll post on Friday and
tell you how my week is going now before the web uts out
I've got to put in an application or Lyn is going to kill

I'll Miss You Lovie!

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