Confession Lovestruck Teen
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2010-05-03 05:23:03 (UTC)

KnO LeXi

Im new to this site and Im happy to find it so I can get
some things off of my chest. Well before I do that I want
to introduce myself. IaM LEXI ThoMas also KnoWn aZ LeX by
SuM fRiendz. I got only a few close friends that I want to
introduce first Mandy,Laurn,Kelly,Briana,John and the guy
Im lovedstruck by Kyle. I named my diary ConfeSSioNz Of A
LoveStruck tEEn because that's exactly what Ive been going
through,every since Junior High.If you want to visualize
how I look so you can get the feel of my story.Just
visualize a bright skinned girl, peppy with full of
energy, with jet black hair,and lovestruck kinda like in
the movies. Well first let me explain my friends Mandy has
been a friend for a very long time but our realationship
isnt as close as it use to be, but she is still a cool
chick.Laurn is a goofy chick that I love so much because
she always has me laughing and what not.Kelly is my sister
who I always mostly be with since she got herself a car
and license we be like everywhere, me in the passager sit
till I get my license wont be long LOL.Briana also goffy
she got a baby now my little neice so adorable,she is the
youngest of us all and when I found out she was having a
baby I was kinda disappointed but she will be ok.Last but
not least is John, John goes with Mandy and Ive known him
and Briana the longest out of all of my closes friends.Why
I name John as my last friend and not Kyle well because
Kyle is not just a friend he has been so much more and the
story about him will just have 2 wait.I just wanted to
introduce myself and my main friends tonight but Ill have
more entries on the way. Pleaze Comment your thoughts at
anytime oR if you just WanT 2 chat MsG me at
[email protected]♥♥♥UNTIL NXT TIME, BE COOL AND BE