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2010-05-02 20:44:49 (UTC)

Sorry but......that means nothing

I really don't like people saying sorry but.....
All that means is that they say they are sorry but it's
because of this or because of that. All that means is that
they still don't accept any wrong and whatever wrong they do
is due to a reason. So I say you shouldn't even say shit if
you going to do that.

Ex called and says I'm sorry about this but... Sorry about
this other thing but....
Well, I think some people are too stupid to see it. I do
know that I'm seeing more and more positive things since
family split.

I no longer have to pick up the overflow of tissues in the
19yr old's Ex bathroom. hahahah... She used to fill up the
little trash bin and let if overflow. There would be pieces
of tissue stuck on the wall above the waste bin that I would
have to scrape off when I emptied the trash.

Fucking fat kid. They are gone but ex says she still isn't
working. Whatever. It isn't my problem anymore. My only
problem regarding her is that she left her now ex room all
trashed. Don't know how people can live in filth.

Just the other day, I was trying to clean up he mess they
left behind when they ransacked the house. In the 19yr old's
ex room, I found one of those paper soda cup on the table
and it was still at least 1/2 way full. That is like a
little mess waiting to happen.

Once the paper is all soggy, the soda starts to leak out and
go all over the floor. Again, in my good nature, I took the
soda and was gonna toss it in the trash bin.

Since it was 1/2 full, I figure I open the lid and pour the
old soda down the drain. I did just that and guess what? Out
came a bunch of rubbers and plopped into the sink some
falling into the garbage disposal!!!! Almost puked!!!!!!

I thought about just running the garbage disposal but feared
it would jam. So, I had to dig it out. It's times like these
kodak moments that I'm glad they left. What a fucking loser
kid she is. They can't even throw their rubbers away.

What if the 4 yr old boy started drinking out of that soda
not realizing what was inside? Well?? Man oh man, I do not
regret those older kids not being here. Since they've been
gone, I hardly spent any money on dinners. I don't recall
exactly but I think I spent 30 dollars total since they
split which is sweeeeet!!!

I think I'm still on the same roll of toilet paper! We used
to go through so much more. What do women do with all this
TP? lol.

It takes forever now before I have to start the dishwasher.
All is good. Sure, there is the alone part that I have to
contend with especially since I'm a very affectionate guy to
begin with.

Well, I'm falling asleep. Had to work today from 3AM pretty
bushed. I'm sure ex has a bag of drama to toss at me. I will
update after some rest.

Good night for now.