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2010-05-03 03:29:13 (UTC)

Benefit Package

What I find interesting about "benefits" is how you seem to
only benefit if you are giving all of yourself, some of
yourself, or something you have in order to receive the
benefit. So my question is, what is really the benefit of
benefits, a discount? If you really add up all that you are
giving to reap the "benefits", these so called "benefits" are
not truly "benefits" at all, they are just discounts. So what
are the benefits of having a significant other? Giving all of
yourself, some yourself, or something you have to be with a
person that you have decided is that significant? Getting a
discount on life, so you can live a little easier? But the
thing with benefits is they are the gifts that are only given
when you continue to give all of yourself, some of yourself or
something you have. I am looking for my discount.