Experienced Life
2010-05-01 07:49:34 (UTC)


Friends.... They sure are great to have. I must say that I
have a pretty dang good bunch or core friends. They do not
let you down and they always got your back. Thank God I have
great friends!!!

When the time comes for me to move, my friends already told
me they will help me move. They knew that I was too ashamed
to ask and so they instead told me that they will help me
move outta here when that time comes.

Anyway, I visited a friend last night. She had a mastectomy
and she didn't want friends to worry so she didn't tell many
people. From her email, I could sense something wrong so I
got it out of her and she told me about her surgery. We just
talked from 9ish till 1:30AM. It was nice. We are now a
little closer than before and I got her mind off of her
surgery at least for a little while. I hope she felt a
little more comfortable in her hospital bed. It can be a
cold place sometimes and when you are in bed all alone, your
mind can wonder a bit too much.

She thanked me before I left and I asked if she wanted me to
come by in the morning. She said it would be up to me but I
can tell she wanted me to come so I will. It's too bad my ex
couldn't be a little more like my friends. They are just
real down to earth people and we don't play any games.

I think it was good that I stopped feeling down on myself
and start applying my positive side on other people. It
feels pretty good to help others. It makes me feel like my
life has a little more purpose compared to the effort I put
into my deadend marriage.

The night are still hard but what else can I do? Just trying
to make the most of my situation. I sure do miss the kids....

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