this is the way my life goes
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2010-04-30 23:36:27 (UTC)

this is only my second post but..

this is only my second post but hey you might as well know
a lil about me
just because im a virgin i dont get high or drunk doesnt
mean i dont understand
like honestly im not a saint (im no devil either but...)
but honestly i know enough about it to get t so i dunno why
people automatically assume that i have no idea. ok this
kinda just fed into a bitch and cmplain thing but hey itsd
my journal i will get as off topic as i want (im doing this
for me not for you your just here to make sure i keep my
sanity incheck) so let the funsies begin wait i already
started (0_o) wowow im kinda dumb but wutever i can do what
i want woow wth am i talking about this is worriesome as if
i didnt have enuff sh** on my plate now i have to worry
about my saneness (is that a word ?) are the parenthesis
getting on your nerves (they shoukdnt these r my thoughts
in here) its like a lil added comment to add to the best
thing you will ever read (right up there with
nutritionfacts) so yeah i think im about dun (or am i ) no
i am :)

(i am the lil voice in her brain that is epic)

xo xo
x o
xoxoxo (its a smiley do you see it )