Fire and Water
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2010-04-30 23:32:56 (UTC)

Good Evening Diary!

WHEEW!!! Have I had a tireing day! Lets see today I
started my new daily extrosize regeme which takes up my 11
0'clock hour. I do a few warm up stretches and 40 reps per
leg scissors, then I go on to 20 push ups and end part
one with 20 sit ups. I was surprised I could do them all
8D then I walked through my neighboorhood four times in a
row in a intrigute path that I found worked very well.
(The only reason I'm just walking is becouse I'm in no
shape to jog just yet) then I go back inside and do a few
cool down stretches followed by some yoga style breathing
exorcises to calm my heart rate. I was really proud of
myself! I'm going to sticj to this and for once in my life
not give up! Somday soon I'll encounter y old nemisis Fake
Rock Wall! lol I'm feeling quite good today aside from the
overberring heat and the fact that I didn't eactly stick
to my shedule but I got what I needed to done and right on
shedule too lol. I'll be going to bed early tonight no
doubt abiut that. Mom's taking me and my roomate to
Traders World with her and my little bro tomarrow and I
was really looking forward to it scence she keeps
promising we'll go but somthing keeps comng up. Now it the
weather they say wwe're going to get bad storms tomarrow
night but I think It will just be rainy untill then so
hopefully that wont stop us from going. Oi Vei I'm tired!
But I want to stay up a while becouse I'm looking forward
to a few e-mails I'm hoping to get. Untill then maybe I
should write I'm sure the peeps on Fanfiction are getting
bored waiting for chapter 2 lol. Well I don't really have
anything else to report...at least I don't think I do?

Have a Great Nite,

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