this is the way my life goes
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2010-04-30 23:09:31 (UTC)

dunkin donuts lost love and everything in bettween

hey well this is my first post so im not going to hold much
back lets recap the day...
woke up (ew)
grabbed my phone
went to dunkin donuts
went to school but forgot my phone like a retard
had to work with my ex boyfriend (AWKWARD CUZ THEIR IS A
hmm wut else marched sweated blls in the hot weather of
the midwest(nasty)
got home sat infront of the computer and drank a venom (yum)
thats the recap of the day now onto the emotinal girly stuff
i wish i could go back into the past and take back
everything i said that has hurt anyone in anyway (that is a
diffrent story for a diffrent day )
i wish i wasnt single (i know iknow shut up ur prety and
fun wutever) you see one of my best friends is a guy magnet.
the rest have really good guys (could i be anymore
pathetic) i either need to change myself or get uglier
friends(i wud rather get ugly friends then change myself 4
a guy)thats all i really wanted to vent about (
wowowowowowow i really truely am sad)

ok well if you took the time to read this then obviously
you care or you like to read journals either will do feel
free to leave anything (but if ur beeing a butt i will
delete it ) ok

xo xo
x o
xoxoxo (its a smiley do you see it )

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