my life
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2010-04-30 21:26:11 (UTC)


OK. so my best friend and i have been like fighting off and on
for the past like week. and anyways at first it was cuz i was
starting to feel like used cuz her and her stupid ass
boyfriend always borrow my fucking money and never fucking pay
me back!! then i thought i was over reacting and made up with
her. then we were fighting over the fact that i got drunk
once... she gets high all the fucking time!! now we're
fighting cuz she asked me to walk all the way to fucking
mcdonald's to meet her then like i've been there with her her
bf and 2 other friends and they fucking leave me... i was like
WHAT THE FUCK! you asked me to come here... i came... now ur
fucking leaving?!?! UGH!!!!!!!!! i feel like she only wanted
me there untill they came. i was supposed to go like a little
earlier but i had to find my fucking phone! she's such a
fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i really want a fucking cigarette!!!!
lizzie lizard

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