teanage gypsy
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2010-04-30 17:25:33 (UTC)

I have money news!!!

Hey all ya'll bloggers!!! Checking in from nowheresville
U.S.A. Wherebthe money comes in...

Okay, here's a question. "Who wants to make money but stil
have a baby to take care of??"

I do. I'm fixing to start selling Avon. I'm waiting on a
representive to contact me. Plus I'm lookinhg for another
job too...

I'm fixing to take a picture of my little girl for her
six month. she's going to look so pretty....

OH, another news!! She can say "Dada" now!! She already
knows how to say "momma", but I was so excited when she
said that...

She's says"dada" all the time. If you only knew the
feeling about it. And there's probably some women of
Mothers who knows that feeling...

Well, time to wait on the phone call. keep reading my
online journal for more days on a life on the way. I'll be
here. Just getting through...

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