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2010-04-30 01:49:44 (UTC)

My friend and a boy- good friends and bad friends- Justin tells of leanna

So i have a friend named Leanna and she just broke up with
her boyfriend Hunter. He has been trying to make her
jealous because he still liked her when she broke up with
him. He is like saying that he likes this girl Camilla
which really he doesnt. I know things haha... Well she
does not like to be jealous and trust me she gets jealous
easily! so she is saying that she is going out with
another guy and he was like WHAT! then she told him that
she was going to sit with him at lunch... But when lunch
came they were like we have no guy friends! And of course
i am the only one that hangs out with guys and thats not
all weird around guys so i was like ok ill go get my
friend brandon. But then Hunter didnt really pay attention
to her which i totally agree with him! He should just drop
her! WEll brandon has this huge crush on me and he is
seriously like in love with me. He gave me a lot of

1. Cuddle bear
2. Sexy back
3. Hottie with the body
4. my girl
5. Hot babe
6. Sexy bear

and lots more.... haha well i am like best friends with
him. :) were best buds! haha he was so happy thay i asked
him to come and sit with me and my friends... But then we
got to lunch and someone was sitting on our table! we have
been sitting in the same table the whole year then some
people had to go sit there! But i wasent mean or anything
cause 1 i am not a mean girl and 2 it was the special ed
kids and they r so cute and nice. my friends had no were
to sit but i did. I have a lot of friends and i promise i
am not bragging. I am just a lucky girl with really nice
friends.. :) they were like can we go sit with ur guy
friends and you go sit somewhere else? i got kind of mad
so i was like well there is only 1 spot and they were
saving it for me. They were like well u can go sit
somewere else! thats not fair al all! i got so mad! So i
was like ok i actually want you guys to go try and sit at
that 1 place at that table and see what they say. So
leanna went over there and they were like this.

My guy friends: Um excuse me what r u doin?
Leanna: um i was wondering if i could sit here?
Guys: Well we were saving this spot for monique (me) and i
would rather have her sit here
Leanna: What do you guys like about monique? shes not
pretty shes not that nice. i mean i am so much prettier
and nice then her
Guys: Oh really... Then y do you have no friends? And u
know what? I think that monique is the only girl in this
school that has a heart. Everyone only cares about
themselves. Monique talks to the special ed kids everyday
and shes not embaressed at all. ya people say um ur weird
when she does that. and u know what she says? These are my
friends. I dont care how they look, how they talk, how
they act, i love them for who they are. Monique is
beautiful... But you know, She doesnt really care about
looks. Shes the only one in this whole school that doesnt
were makeup. And you know what? Thank god because all the
other girls are butt naked just because makeup. So dont go
talkin about monique when you have a ton of problems
yourself. If i were you i would get advice from monique.
And no you cant sit here this is reserved for monique. And
even is she decides to sit somewhere else no one will sit
here because i dont any other girl sitting next to me
except monique. Oh i think ur 1 and only friend is waiting
for you.

!!! and leanna came back and was like monique they invited
me to sit there but i said no becuase i know that u would
be jealous. Ya i am a good friend. I was like oh....
Then i went and sat with all my guy friends and leanna
kept on looking at me but for some reason she did not look
at Justin ( the one who told her off) It was so funny.
Well overall i learned that she isnt a good friend. Justin
told me everything and i am glad. Justin was like....
Next time just tell me who's ass i have to kick... haha i
love justin.. Well i got to go. byee