Little Secrets
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2010-04-30 00:21:55 (UTC)

Some things in life are just indescribable.

Let me tell you a secret..sometimes I lay in bed at night
and just let my mind slip away from reality. Sometimes I
dream of the impossible. One time, I was about to head to
bed, when I noticed the smallest of objects. It was only a
star. The night I saw that star...I felt like I was
trapped in a fog.
As a Christian, I of course believe in God. God is my
light, without him I would be trapped inside a world of
darkness. I always knew that God created the world, but I
never truly understood how many wonders he actually
So, back to my star theory. It seemed amazing to me that
He spent all of this time, within [technically 6, since He
rested on the 7th day] 7 days, to create everything. Even
the littlest things that you hardly notice as days go by.
So, when I saw a star glistening outside my window within
the cold dark sky, it made me realize how great God is. He
took the time out to make everything unique and know
everything by name.
Did you ever really realize how much God created? Think
about the Galaxies. Think about the one that we live in
(which is the Milky Way galaxy). Think about our Solar
System that's inside the Galaxy. Think about Planet Earth.
Think about the continent you live in. Think about the
country you live in. Think about your state. Think about
the city you live in. Think about your neighboorhood. Think
about the people that live on your street. Think abotu
yourself. Compare yourself to the galaxy that you live in.
You feel small, don't you? Just think, God took the time
to make you different than everything else that he created.
There is no other person that walks the Earth that is
exactly like you. He gave you interests, abilities, and
personality characteristics that someone else may not have.
He made you unique, and even if you are as small as you
feel, he still knows your name.