Fire and Water
2010-04-29 23:47:07 (UTC)

Dear Diary

Dear Diary I''m still alive and rather anooid at the ice
cream man. *sigh* Life hasn't improved much I'm literatly
pileing the aplications on and I'm now studieing for my
GED as well as trying to lern self defense. I havent
encountered one of those rock walls yet lol but if I do im
going to keep my previous promise. I have gotten a bit
more focused on chores but theres still plenty of room for
improvement thats for sure! I'm also trying to creat a
aily wourkout regemin so I can improve my strength. I
dispise the fact that I am so weak. I aim to be strong
enough to defend myself against any opponate and win in a
fight. After I get fit and have a decent paying job and my
GED I'm planning on takingarchery back up but for now that
a far dream. As for the ferrets? They'll have to
wait..QUITE a while but if it means not being afraid of
the world anymore I'll happily set them aside. For Now
I've got bigger fish to fry!

See ya Soon!

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