Out of Control
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2010-04-29 22:39:42 (UTC)

Never trust a guy .. 3

hello, loves .
Yes , my subject . never ever trust a guy . a guy friend,
you best friend, friendly neighbor , boy friend , they all
betray you . no matter what , dont trust them . the
everlasting , send me a pic ! i wont tell . thats a lie .
a complete lie . they ALWAYS tell . always always . i did
it , sent the pics . he told . my friend . he told . so i
denied , and i have to make sure he goes with it . SO SO ,
i had a panic attack . like full out breathing heavy and
headache . THANKFULLY , i was safe , because i dont go
there anymore . so i shall cut ties -- be alone . thats
okay with me (: i wont talk to them anymore . i will be
okay . but i do do do need to do work . i must like
totally work harder . get awesome grades and shit .
yeah . .life is definently sucky . i love this littlw
online thingy because like i can vent . i have this
constricting thing in my stomach and chest all because i
cant motherfucking talk to this dumbass no trust kid . i
will live . im definently stupid ass . should i tell the
truth that i did send it . i sent it . he saw my boobs and
tan line on my ass . i dont see the big deal , except that
im not dating him . boy , im stupid . ohwellll it was
kinda funnish . WE USED TO BE FRIENDS , A LONG TIME AGO (:
VERONICA MARS . yep , yep , amanda is still on her VM
kick . so everyone , support the movie ! i amm loving
kristen bell right now . booop booop ! BAYBAY . i love
being home . OMG , im going to take PROZAC . cause im
depressed , oh! and i have anxiety problem . coooolio ,
correctomundo ?
love you , amanda lynnnn ... *

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