Candid Prints
2010-04-29 07:04:14 (UTC)

A little bit of me

As i have named my diary as Candid Prints ..i would like it
to exhibit the values, So to start of I give a candid
introduction of mine under several headings

Personal: I am 36 yrs old, married and having a kid of 7
years, Presently I stay away from my home due to
professional engagements, I go to my home once a month as
it is 2000 km away from my office, my wife takes care of my
son and her office in kolkata,
Education: I studied Physics in my grad and did MBA after
Proffessional: 12 years in Pharmaceutical sales and now in
management consulting

What do i intend to write: Mostly my daily life things
that i did throughout the
sex...and all other things that makes up me as a man

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