Out of Control
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2010-04-29 02:32:42 (UTC)

Veronica Mars

I am like a total freak .
i get like super obsessed with tv shows ! my latest
obsession , Veronica Mars (: perky blonde with a super
smart brain and a knack for helping her dad [[PI]] solve
crimes and such . you should check it out !
On another note , i am not attending school . NOPE NOPE ,
i am at home . fun fun fun (: its okay i guess , i mean im
living better . i dont have annoying people around me all
the time , but the days do seem to be a blur . they go by
fast , which is okay on some points .
but no friends . i mean i have the guys down the road i
chill with but not really anyone else i hang out with .
Just talk to . everyones all "we miss you" & "come back to
school !" but thats just the nice thing to do . if you
realllllly cared you wouldve done something before i
left . I cant decide if im doing this for more attention
or less . I dont want to go back but this guy im seeing
tomorrow might make me . EVERYONE PRAY FOR ME (;
on another note , bitchhh as we shall call her . She is
the one who made me not want to go to schoool . how many
of you have seen legally blonde ? well remember when she
goes to that party in that bunny costume only some people
could pull of (which i totally could btw) . well bitchhh
pulled something like that to me . but i didnt go to the
party yet , it was just her telling me it was costume and
everyone else knowing it wasnt . People talked to me about
it for gods sake ! & nope , no one told me but one kid i
dont even talk to and another girl i certainly dont really
get along with until now . & bitchhh texts me . two
minutes ago actually , hey (: you coming back ? - shes
playing nice . too bad i dont care . im not coming back . -
so you coming to my party- (the party she was going to
pull the prank on me for , but then said she owouldnt have
gone through with it ) & the answer is hell no , i wouldnt
go to your party if justin bieber were my date .i told her
maybe . theres no point in a fight .. - why not ?! you
have to come!- no i certainly dont , nor will i . but i
asked the obvi question , why . - i miss you ? - i dont
care if you miss me , you shouldnt have treated me like
shit . i told her ill think about coming - yayyayayaya(:-
cool , go dance somewhere else , i dont want to see you
again . && yeah , boy who i liked , he and his girlfriend
did break up . dont worry thou , i dont like him . i didnt
realixe that til after i sent him pics . I did ? yep , am
i ashamed ? yes . B/c i dont do those things anymore ,
then he turned horny , and i said ADIOS (;
but now , my fate is in his hands .
anyways , if your reading my blog/diary i really thank you
for that (:
love , amanda !