Little Secrets
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2010-04-29 01:16:02 (UTC)

Love and Pyramids, go hand in hand.

Love, is like a pyramid. You need a strong foundation in
order for it to be stable.

People seem to think that "I love you" is something that
you should always say in a relationship. People nowadays
throw that phrase around like it is normal to say to
everyone. A few years back, two people would say those
magic words when they were married. Now, you hear
teenagers say it to each other everyday.

As a high school student, I hear "I love you" being said
by every couple present in my school. Truely, the core
meaning of "I love you" is becoming deminished. It seems
to be that people say "I love you" to comfort someone.
Another thing that is being said is, "I will always love
you", or "We'll always be together". Of course to every
opinion or dream, there is an ugly truth. The truth is,
you don't know if you will always be with the same person
and you don't know if you will love that person forever.
Sometimes, a vile break up can occur and all love for a
person can disinigrate.

As I wrote earlier; "Love is like a pyramid. You need a
strong foundation in order for it to be stable." When you
are beginning to build a pyramid, you need time to become
known with the design. In a relationship with somebody,
you need time to get to know each other. If you start
dating someone that you aren't familiar with, it could
cause tiny problems that can become big difficulties in
the future. Just like when you're building a pyramid. If
you aren't sure how you want it to look like, how can you
move on any farther?

Most of the people reading this are probably wondering
where I came up with the idea of having a parallel between
love and pyramids. Some might be offended by this opinion.
The true question is..are you angry about the thought? Or
shocked that it's true?

So as an end to my first diary entry, in order to say "I
love you", you should make sure that you're ready for the
outcomes that can come from it. Whether it be happiness or
dissappointment. You should also be sure you mean it when
you say it. If you don't you're hurting the other person
because you're making them think that you truely care
about them. Actually, you're hurting yourself as well.