teanage gypsy
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2010-04-28 20:44:08 (UTC)

I'm happy now with the idiots. Read and comment!!!

hey all ya'll bloggers. Checking in from nowheresville
U.S.A. where watching cows be bored is the main source of

Okay, here's a question: Who feels werider?: Living with
idiots who's your borther-in-law and his wife,or a martian
ordering his first Big mac at McDonalds? LOL:

They are not here right now though, I'm happy too...
That's another thing for entertainment. Listening to them
bitching and fighting all the time over their little girl.
How about them apples?

They don't know how to grow up at all. I can't stand it
any more. They are really going to piss me off one day nd
i'm going to straight up tell them how they treat their
little girl. They spat her hand and she's only 7 months
old. He did it because she wanted him. It really made me
mad. His Mom thought it was fine. My husband would never
do that to mine at that age....

Tell me what you think about that?? It's really messed up.

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