2010-04-28 06:16:58 (UTC)

my mind today.

Ok, well lately teri(one of my bffl) has been acting really
weird? like i'm sure shes not over nathan since today we
were talking about Philippines and then nathan, she suddenly
made this face like she wanted to kill him and then she said
: he can go fuck tia". p.s tia is nathans ex and current
girlfriend. but now i think teri likes vinnie (my ex) and
him and her were apparently really close in outdoor ed.
which im suprised, im jealous of! i broke up with him
because he wanted to have sex and he was talking about our
future, but just coz i broke up with him doesn't mean i
still dont have feelings for him, of course i still think
about him... how could i not... i loved him. and GAHHHHHH
teri, shes still depressed and now she like my ex... i just
can't handle it!! it seems like the only person i can trust
is shaye, i cant even trust jess anymore, because we know
how weak and unsupportive she is and she'll just go crawling
back to teri and tell her everything. Teri is turning into a
bitch and so is jess. i fell like im loosing everyone close
to me. Plus my current boyfriend romel IS controlling like
jess said and i found out he tried to commit suicide because
a girl broke his heart??? hes a year 9 , young and stupid i
get that but i just cant handle the pressure hes putting on
me! i need to talk to vinnie and to teri and see whats going
on, i know teri wont date him because hes my ex but i just
cant see me being happy if they were together.
im confused. god help me !