My Thoughts
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2010-04-27 13:01:59 (UTC)


The dictionary defines it as an act of committing,
pledging or engaging oneself. However defined to each his
own, but where is the line drawn? Should there not be a
level of respect for a person's preference if the terms of
the commitment were not clearly defined? Does individual
preference make it a non-debatable topic? Should a
comparison be made between two different preferences on a
non-debatable issue? Opinions are just that, but they
become invasive when they are forced upon people in a way
the conflicts with their personal moral beliefs. Why
instead do some individuals seek to validate their own
personal preference rather than seek understanding about
another individual’s preference? It is not a matter of
win, lose or draw. It is accepting the difference of
opinion and leaving it at that, but what is the proper way
to communicate your opinion? Do you share it in a way that
condemns the other individual’s opinion, and that instead
of actually communicating your opinion, communicates your
lack of respect for their preference? Or, Do you
communicate your opinion in a way allows the individual to
know that you respect their view, but you see things
differently? Of course the latter seems to be the right
way, but more often than not we tend to communicate
matters of opinion in a way that communicates our lack of
respect for another person’s preference. We are victims as
well as culprits of this behavior, but we often forget how
damaging this behavior can be to our personal
relationships. Today, I am committing to acknowledging
this behavior. I am a victim and a culprit, and I must
learn to do unto others as I wish for them to do unto me.