the wonderful world of ikys
2010-04-27 01:31:53 (UTC)

The Young and The Stressed!!!

okay well just like I thought, my damn blood pressure is high. Alot of shit
has been ticking me off lately. My job is one of the things...i worked crazy
hours running around and shit they basically overworked me. I had to deal
with the woe is me bullshit! Guys been making me mad because thye have
been onm some stupid shit. Somebody playin on my phone and that bitch
myra. So dealing with all of that angered built inside harmed me. I went to
the hospital today, blood pressure was high and i got asthma...how fucking
awesome. So i decided to change my number, not gona give it out like I did
ths number, eliminate some ppl, and ignore the ones i cannot kill, cuz thats
wrong.so imma have a piece of mind..laugh and ignore! My mother was
being ungrateful, wanting me to do something for her as usual and then had
the audacity to say that my high blood pressure has nothing to do with her...
the fuck it dnt!!! I told her ass..i didnt say that when u had a heart attack now
did i? wtf? momma or not..those words cut. family is so overrated.

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