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2010-04-26 23:40:50 (UTC)

Training, Part 2

“Good. Then let’s work hard to please your Master.”

My Dom produced a large number of clothespins and began
fastening them all over my tits until none more could fit.
He then picked up a flogger. “Now clasp your hands behind
your back and do not release them.” I obeyed. He then
began to whip my clothespin-covered tits with the flogger.
I was screaming in no time. He ignored my screams and
continued until all the clothespins had been whipped off.

“Are your pig-slut udders sore?”

“Yes Sir. Very sore Sir.”

“Good. But to really please your Master, you must learn to
tolerate more pain than that. I am going to help you with
this.” He again began to fasten clothespins to my tits.
But this time, he ran a string through them all. I knew
what was coming.

“Clothespin zippers hurt more when the clothespins have
been allowed to sit for several minutes first. While we
are waiting, why don’t you amuse me by torturing yourself
for me. Slap yourself across the face.”

I slapped my face.

“Harder pig-slut! If you go that easy on yourself again
you will be punished. Do it again.”

I slapped myself across the face with much more force and
it hurt a great deal.

“That’s a little better. But I want you to do it as hard
as you can. Now.”

I slapped myself as hard as I could. I groaned in pain.

“Better. Again.” I obeyed. “Again.” I obeyed.
Countless times I was ordered to slap my own face until it
was throbbing. “Well done pig-slut. Now, back to
torturing those udders.” Without further warning he
grabbed the loose end of the string and ripped the
clothespins off my tits in one excruciating movement. I
screamed in pain.

“Now you are suffering well for your Master. But you must
still learn to push yourself beyond tolerable pain.” He
ignored my cries and again began fastening the clothespins
to my tits. I wanted desperately to beg him for mercy but
I knew I would get none and would earn a punishment. When
all the clothespins were attached he once again picked up
the flogger and began whipping them off. I continued
screaming in pain. When he finished I was sobbing almost

My Dom grabbed me by my hair and forced me to look at
him. “I can’t begin to imagine why you are crying. I
didn’t hurt your udders; I hurt your Master’s udders. And
you should be pleased that you were allowed to suffer so
beautifully for your Master. When you return to him
tomorrow, even his gentle caress will cause you pain. You
should always want your udders to be in such a sensitive
state for him, since he enjoys torturing them so much. In
fact, I am going to make sure this lesson is well learned.
It is getting late and I want to go get a few hours sleep.
You and your udders will be in agony the entire time.” I
just cried.

He fastened my neck and wrists in between two large and
heavy blocks of wood, rather like stocks but not fixed in
place. I was led once again to my corner. I was made to
lay down with my head as close to the corner as the large
stocks would allow. My legs were tied tightly together.
Under my chest, my Dom placed a large wooden peg board.
The pegs were sharpened into dull points. I was made to
lay with my “udders” on top of the pegs. The stocks were
then chained to hooks in the floor so I could not raise
myself up at all.

“This is how you will be spending the next several hours,
pig-slut. The pegs digging into your udders are not sharp
enough to break the skin; thus, you are not in danger of
suffering any permanent damage. However, as you can tell,
with your entire upper body weight pressing down on them,
they will cause your already sore udders extreme pain. You
cannot move to lessen the pain. You must learn to accept
it like a good slave should. Remember the rules for being
in your corner. You may only look at the walls. You may
not speak. Enjoy your suffering.”

He walked away and turned off the lights, leaving me to
suffer in darkness. The sharpened pegs dug into my already
sore tits. I knew as the hours passed, the pain would only
grow. I tried in vain to wiggle around and ease the pain,
but it only hurt more. I was helpless to escape the
increasing pain and could do nothing but lie there and
suffer. I cried a lot.

After what must have been several hours, I heard my Dom
walk back into the room. I did not try to look at him but
kept my eyes focused on the wall in front of me. “Count.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant until I felt the familiar sting
of the cane on my ass. “One Sir!” “Two Sir!” Again and
again. This time he gave me a full 20 lashes with the cane
and I was once again crying.

“How was your night, pig-slut? How are your udders?”

“This pig-slut’s udders are very sore Sir. This pig-slut
did not have a pleasant night, Sir.”

“Nor were you supposed to. Your whining does nothing to
move me.” He unlocked the stocks from the floor and pulled
me up to my knees. The pegs had dug so deep into my tits
that the removal of them caused me to scream. “Shut up.
I’m going to fondle your udders now and if you make a sound
while I’m doing it you will be punished. You must learn to
accept pain in silence.” He began to grope my tits and
maul them with his hands. I tried to remain silent but the
pain was too much. I cried out. “You will be punished
when I am done.” He continued mauling my tits and I
continued crying for several minutes. The throbbing in my
tits was more than I had ever known.

He untied my legs but left my neck and wrists bound in the
stocks. “Crawl to the circle.” I crawled to the familiar
circle on my knees. “I can tell that you are feeling very
sorry for yourself, having suffered so much these past
hours. It is pathetic. You are a slave and you suffer at
your Master’s pleasure. You must learn to accept pain and
discomfort as part of the slave-life. And you must learn
to follow orders and remain silent when commanded to.”

He removed me from the stocks and led me to a table that
was waist high. I was instructed to bend over it. There
was a pen and pad of paper on the table. “Bend over and
stick your ass out. Pick up the pen. Every time you feel
a swat on your ass you will write ‘This pig-slut is
grateful for any pain it receives.’ When you are done
writing it, you will read it aloud. You must write neatly
and quickly. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” He picked up a very large wooden paddle.
SWAT. Writing - This pig-slut is grateful for any pain it
receives. “This pig-slut is grateful for any pain it
receives, Sir.” SWAT. This pig-slut is grateful for any
pain it receives. “This pig-slut is grateful for any pain
it receives, Sir.” SWAT. This pig-slut is grateful for
any pain it receives. “This pig-slut is grateful for any
pain it receives, Sir.” 30 times this routine was
repeated. My ass was now throbbing along with my tits.

“You may now apologize.”

“This pig-slut is sorry for failing to obey your orders and
for making a sound when you instructed it to remain silent,
Sir. This pig-slut will do better to obey your orders and
to accept pain in silence, Sir.”

“Go to your corner.” I crawled to my corner and knelt
there staring at the walls again. I hated this corner.
Time passed and I was once again summoned to the circle in
the middle of the room. I crawled back to it.

“Follow me.” I crawled after my Dom and was led to what
would be described as a mud-room in the back of the house.
There was a door leading outback. The room was
filthy. “You are going to scrub this floor so that it
shines. Your will be using a toothbrush. Your hands and
wrists are going to be chained, limiting your movement.
This is yet another lesson designed to remind you of your
place as a slave. You will also have to remember not just
to get the job done, but to do it well. Pay attention to
the details and do not miss a spot. You must work
quickly. But you must also get the floor to shine.”

He chained my ankles together with only about one foot of
slack between them. He did the same to my wrists. He then
connected the chains from my wrists to my ankles, leaving
about three feet of slack. I would have to remain on my
knees, hunched over the entire time. He gave me a bucket
of soapy water and a toothbrush. He then walked out.

I dunked the toothbrush into the bucket and began rubbing
it on the floor. I realized I was going to have to scrub
hard to get the dirt up. This was going to be a long and
tedious process. Time passed and I continued my chore. I
was getting dirtier, but the floor was getting cleaner. My
knees and back were aching. When I was a little more than
halfway done my Dom returned. He inspected what I had done
so far. “You are doing well, but working too slow.” He
pulled out his flogger and whipped my back with it ten
times, hard. “I will return in 10 minutes. If you are not
done, you will get another 10 with the flogger. Then 10
more 10 minutes after that. And so on until you are done.
Do not get sloppy with your work. If I find that you
missed a spot you will get worse than the flogger.”

He left and I continued cleaning the floor. He soon
returned and flogged my back again. He then left again.
This process was repeated 3 more times until I finished
scrubbing the floor. He inspected it very closely. “I
don’t see any dirt remaining. You cleaned it well. But
you were very slow in your work.” He beat my back with
flogger another 10 times and then left me chained while
crawling after him back to the circle. He finally
unchained me.

Next to the circle was the table, and this time a stool. I
noticed that on the stool was the dreaded pegboard. This
time I was ordered to sit on the stool. My ass was sore
from the cane and paddle already. The sharp pegs hurt as
my entire body weight pressed my ass into them. My Dom
secured my legs so I could not relieve the pressure or
escape. I was again given a pad and pen.

“I am sending you back to your Master with a full report
containing suggestions on how to continue your training. I
am going to dictate the report and you will write it. You
will write accurately and neatly. If you make any
mistakes, or if I have to repeat myself, you will be
punished. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Then begin.”

I have spent the past many hours training and observing
your slave, pig-slut. She clearly lacks discipline and
humility. I have done my best to instill these qualities
in her. But she needs much more training to become a
proper slave. She continues to feel sorry for herself when
in any amount of pain or discomfort. She continues to
focus on her own feelings and needs, rather than those of
her Master. She must learn that certain things such as
having a human name, dining at a table with her Master,
sleeping in a bed, and wearing clothes, are privileges that
she is not entitled to, but must earn through service. She
should therefore be denied these things until she had
earned them. None of these privileges should be restored
for a minimum of three months.
As such, I am making the following recommendations:
1. She should continue to be referred to only as pig-slut.
2. She should be naked at all times. If it is necessary
to cover her body, cover should be done with a burlap sack,
which will be both visibly unappealing and irritating to
the skin.
3. She should eat and drink from a trough on the floor of
the kitchen. She should not be permitted to eat until you
have finished first. Her food should include your leftover
4. She should sleep on the floor of the kitchen, like a
dog would. The only padding or cover should again be a
burlap sack that will be irritating to the skin.
5. She should be subjected to prolonged periods of pain
and discomfort until she can endure them without sulking
like a child. She should be left to suffer unattended in
ways that will leave her in no danger of permanent damage,
such as in extremely tight bondage, or kneeling or standing
in painful poses.
6. She should be denied any form of sexual play or
pleasure. She should attend to your needs while having no
expectation of having her own needs met.
7. She should be given long writing assignments to perform
on a regular basis. She must learn to pay attention to
detail and write every line, word, and letter perfectly.
8. She should observe strict eye contact and speech
9. She should not be allowed to cry out or make any sounds
while being punished. Physical punishments should be
increased if she fails to remain silent.
If after several months of this treatment you have noticed
a significant improvement in her performance, you can
slowly return some privileges to her. However, do not
allow your slave to become accustomed to them. To avoid a
relapse into disobedient and prideful behavior, you should
periodically remove those privileges again. This will
constantly reminder of her of her place as a slave.”

My Dom reviewed his report for errors. I made 5 errors,
plus he had to repeat himself 3 times while dictating to
me. I had to be punished for those 8 mistakes. I was
untied and allowed to get off the pegboard. My ass was
killing me.

I was tied in a spread-eagle fashion. My Dom approached
with what I recognized as an electric-wand. “Because this
is a punishment, I am putting this on one of the highest
settings. You will thank me after each shock.”

He touched the wand first to my stomach. I screamed in
pain. “Thank you Sir!” Next was my lower left
arm. “Thank you Sir!” Next my inner right thigh. “Thank
you Sir!” Next my left ass cheek. “Thank you Sir!” Next
the underside of my right tit. “Thank you Sir!” Next my
left calf. “Thank you Sir!” Next my right nipple. “Thank
you Sir!” And finally he pushed the wand into my
pussy. “Thank you Sir!” I was out of breath and exhausted
from screaming in pain. I was released from my bonds and
sent back to kneel in my corner.

Shortly after, my Master arrived at the house. I was told
to remain in my corner with the men spoke. My Master
reviewed the report from my Dom. I could tell he was
disappointed in my performance here. He agreed with my
Dom’s recommendations and promised to send me back in 3 to
6 months to demonstrate my improvement. My Master did not
offer any greeting to me. He simply ordered me follow him
out to car. I crawled after him and into the back of the
car, still naked. He said little on the drive home, other
than to promise me great changes, many of which I would not

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