teanage gypsy
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2010-04-26 22:36:43 (UTC)

Check this out. Mager news!!! Everybody read.

Hey alll yall bloggers!!! checkin in from nowheresville
U.S.A. Where listening to babies all the time here...

Okay here's a question: How likes living in a house
with dogs or people who drives you nuts??

The one i choose is people. Especially the ones i live
with, who really don't know how to take of their little
girl. she cried for 3 hours and her mother didn't get
up and change her diaper.

I got up and took her in the room with me and changed

They need to feed her three times a day like i do with my
little girl. They always give her milk all day long. Then
they feed her babyfood at night. That bottle don't
sastifies her that long. My liitle girl gets ffod three
timesa day and a seven ounce bottle, plus juice... so she
gets what she wants.

They are about to drive me nuts. I think my Mother in Laww
needs to tell them straight up. If you only know what i go
through. And what i put up with its not great.

My brother in law not helpful at all either. He slept in
my daughter's room. Because he didn't want to listen to
her scream.

His wife was complaining this morning becauase her toe was
hurting.BOOHOO NOT!!! Keep reading for whta goes on in my
life... I would like it if yall would.

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