Confessions of a married woman
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2010-04-26 07:19:46 (UTC)

What a Night!!!

The things alcohol does to one... or better yet the thing
one does where there is too much booze in your system. I
I had a blast at the wedding on Saturday. The wedding was
absolutely beautiful. The venue was amazing, the ceremony
was outside and we were surrounded by mountains and the
weather was perfect. The reception was even more
beautiful with tall glass chandeliers with a beautiful
bouquet on the top with gerberas (my favorite along with
tulips) and roses... soo dreamy. The food was perfect
and it was an open bar!!! Boy did I drink.

My sister dropped me off at home after the wedding since I
was so intoxicated. Somehow managed to remove my contacts,
shoes, and clothes, but when I woke up in the morning,
there was puke on the other side of the bed.. how fucking
sick! I got up threw everything in the washer and cleaned
up everything, I was looking for my cell phone all over
and it was nowhere to be found. I went out to my car and
I found it there inside a bag.. whew, close call. I didn't
remember a thing of what happened last night. That is

My sister ......
called me a few minutes later and the first thing she told
me was "you made out with G!" I responded with "shut the
fuck up. You wish and so does he". I did not believe her
until she put it on her son that she was telling the
truth. If you knew my sister, she is always making shit
up and sometimes it is hard to distinguish the truth with
lies. Let me tell you about G. He is my sister's brother
in law that also attended the wedding (obviously). He, for
the most part very "conservative", and very quiet, he
laughs once in a while... and he has player written all
over him. He looks a lot like my brother in law, like
twins almost, but G is a tad better looking than my
brother in law in opinion. I remember the wedding up to
11:30. According to my sister, I was dancing with some
girls, and even with G. I guess at one point G and I took
a dancing break (we would also hit the bar together) and
we sat at our assigned table and we were chatting, he was
sharing stuff on his cell phone with me -- mind you-- I
don't recall shit! and then out of the sudden we started
making out! His other brother which was at the table too..
was cracking up. How fucking embarrassing! What the
hell? I hope this doesn't leak at all. I mean he is
good looking... and I guess it was just the right moment
or something. I hope no one reminds him and.. I don't
anyone to remind me about this incident. That is just so
wrong.. in a way I
wish I would of remembered. Now I'm so totally wondering
what it was like, I love kissing and he's a good looking
guy, but common how unprofessional! According to my
sister he also wanted to take me home but THANK GOD my
sister said, "No way, you can't drive her car you too are
very drunk" I am soooooo grateful for that. Can you
imagine how odd that would be??!??!? I have known G for a
long ass time my sister has been with J for over 8 years
and that is how long I've known G for. I see him once in
a while and he says whets up or whatever, but we don't
really hang like that you know. It is all "professional",
if you will. Like I said I hope that no one tells him I
am going to feel soooooo odd when I see my sister's
husband and when I see G again. I am going to wonder if
he knows or not. I wonder how drunk he really was?
Supposedly I was more wasted than he was. Oh my god the
things that happened when we are under the influence. I
have decided that I'm going on a alcohol diet for a month
to start, and go from there. Wish me luck!