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2010-04-25 07:52:03 (UTC)

Sunny day

I had to work for a few hrs. We had a network change that
can only be done during 4-7AM on Sundays. I'm not sure if I
indicated what I do but I'm a Network Engineer for the State.

It looks like a nice sunny day. I think I will go for a
bike ride. I have a Motorcycle cruiser and haven't taken it
out in awhile. Since I'm all alone now, I'm gonna make the
most of it and go cruising.... I hope my ankle can handle
the stress. If not, tough.. I'm going anyway.

I'm still stressed out about all the crap that has happened
lately but it's not all bad. House stays the way I leave it
and I'm cleaning a little bit everyday. Sure is nice coming
home to no dishes. Not having to clean up for 19yr old step
daughter and her boyfriend's dishes and whatever they
cooked. Spraying the floor for Ant trails because 19yr old
couldn't even throw the empty can into the garbage bin.
Ended up on the floor and was too dang lazy to pick it up.

Meals so far this week has been cheap too. used to be at
least 50 for going out to dinner. Not now. Yeah..... that
part is sweet.

I'm also going to start going out with my core friends
again. They missed me and I miss them. I sort of faded away
when ex and kids were here. ex didn't like them so I put the
family up front in my attempts to make family a numero uno
Again... I don't have to do that any longer..........

Going for my ride now. Vroooom vrooom!!!! Be back in awhile