My messed up life
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2010-04-25 13:46:19 (UTC)


Well i hated myself i'm ugly weird and could tell hardly
anyone liked me, even my friends i was falling out with a
lot. So i started loving the colour black and was writing
poetry and drawing pictures of broken hearts. Then i
started wearin eyeliner.

now people think im turning Emo, im not trying to but
they're now one of my friends and the boy she has a crush
on are calling me a wannabe emo.

I've made some new friends that are like me but some of
them dont think i fit in,so im gunna stay and see if they
change they're mind (yn).But i hate writing and loads of
other websites are complicated so i tought id use this
simple one to write a diary.:)

My friend who i mentioned before, is takin boys away from
me.i dont meen i fancie them i meen friends,id bee really
good friends with them,she would talkl to them and now
they dont like me much and she fancies them!shes so
annoying but thats just her.

Anyway, might submit another post later.If not tell you
how tomorrow goes.


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