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2010-04-25 10:02:42 (UTC)

time i stared a online diary

ok hi
i guess i shouls start a online diary
ok i am lisa odell a happy proud redneck girl i was born
on the mississipi border so i have a hell of a lot of
hillbilly in me
i still support the south and the good old general lee
i dont in any way support the slavery
and i guess most of that was was from that
but still before my time
i moved to live and get adopted by a wonderfull southern
family outside dallas when i was 8 yrs old or around then
and i was soon a part of the 6 brothers i done get as part
of the deal
they were fab hard rougth and being a girl i had options
open to me
play witha doll and pram or do teh tomboy/girl stuff
ok i knew my choice but i have to admit i diod not like
get the boys stuff
if it got rougth i could get be a beating
but i am southern and i dont let no boys get better
ok i lost a lot fight but i done got good at it and fight
so dirty i was known fer hitting nuts fer 6 if they got
i often got in tumbles or troubles but as a family if
trouble fl;ared from outside wll it was 6 boys 1 girl and
we all came out fighting fer each other
it was good
not always
and i sure got dragged over billy boys knee and he gave my
ass a real good birching
but i held a deep respect fer him if i was so wrong then
he had to be so right that sure made sence but the pain
did not ease any
as time went on i grew into a woman but still dressed
acted tom boy
in fact they used say i was darn plain enougth to be
mistaken fer a boy
i was not so big up top in fact they usedf say lisa she
dam well got to the end of the que as they were a all done
given away she just her 2 acorns to try and grow into big
front plumsn hahaha
brothers can be so cruel at times
on the ranch i was used by 10 to be a do most things from
rope a steer to brand one usually to cover the original
brand from where my brothers had found it grazeing haha
we were the only farm top have i guess 20 different brands
on lol
when i got older i started to drive the old kenworth to
market and other places as my brothers were so dumb they
hit something every trip
but i loved that part i still do
jan 2010 well i was get married but that was a real
disaster fer me
its sure funny now but at the time i was so mad the boys
dived fer cover and knew it was safer to hide than show
continue later

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