teanage gypsy
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2010-04-25 04:31:52 (UTC)

Hey, everyone!! A question for Mothers.

hey all yall bloggers!!! Checking in from nowhereville
U.S.A. Where you can hear cows, deer, and panthers holler.

His brother and his wife is still not here and i am
happy.They can drive me nuts all the time. Like, fighting
over stupid stuff. And sometimes they fight over their

my daughter is sleeping right now. So that's good.

They need to feed that little girl a whole lot more. she
is fixing tombe seven months already. I feed my little
alot already. I feed her how much she wants. They are
stupid on how they do things with that little girl. It
pisses me off.

How much do you feed your baby? I really want to know.