Experienced Life
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2010-04-24 18:44:06 (UTC)

Invited friends over for BBQ

I don't know why I didn't invite my friends sooner. They are
just the thing to get your spirits up. There are some custom
chandeliers and lighting I want to swap out back to the
stock stuff and he is an electrician.

Another friend will help me pack stuff up. They are awesome
friends and I trust them more than my ex. These are my inner
circle friends. I've known them for around 12 yrs now. They
will do almost anything for me.

My ex hated them.
One thing I do very good at is have very very close friends.
One couple gave me the keys to their home and said I can go
there for as long as I want.

The other two said I can live with them if I wanted to and
no rent is needed or asked. Even some family members
wouldn't do that for me. I do love my friends and am so
thankful they find me as their friends. They to hate my ex.
They of course are friends and they will back me up. Still,
it's nice when someone has your back.

They persuaded me to get off my sorry ass and start packing
stuff already. They will come by to help me move when the
time comes and I should be foreclosing very soon.

Today was a nice day. I made it through the day without too
much drama. I got to clean the house a little bit more. This
pace is looking a lot better. It's nice coming home to a
clean home.

I even bought some flowers and put them in a vase. I guess
flowers do help cheer you up.

Oh yeah, ex called this morning to start up the silly games
again. She sai she still misses me. I again told her to
stick with one man and make an effort to stay together so
the kids won't grow up confused and hurt. However, I'm
pretty sure she isn't going to listen.