my Liife x3
2010-04-24 20:03:26 (UTC)

Run Awayy

well i ran away from my house on friday . and idk ihf there
after me . i feel so bad dhat i had to do what i had to do . i
cant live with my dad anymore. he putss to much apin in my
hearrt. and im not the only one that notices it. my step mom
and grandma and friends see it to . hes changing and i cant
help him . he faught for me in court and took me away from my
mother . ( my mom was sick at the time because she had aids
and it was effecting her badly and without me she would forget
her pills or something like that and he brought me with him
foah nothinq because my mom passed away because i wasnt by her
side and im sad how he took me away from her to put me through
this shit . ihts fucking crazy.. i swear i cnt stand him ! he
gets me soo kmad :o and to think he was a real dad. the only
reason why hes keeping me is because he doesnt want ACS on his
case and because i get a check every month of 68O $ and he
keeps dhat money and does what ever the fuck he wants to with
iht . ughhh i cant fuxckin stand him at all :o !!

idk what iima do . . . all i know is i have to end it ALL !!