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2010-04-24 13:59:45 (UTC)

Yesterday...How you so annoyed me pt.3!

Well to continue to the madness after the Myra situation, then Frank started.
Deshaun was leaving and I decided to go smoke a cigarette with him, as I
was leaving Frank gonna tell me to sit my ass down. I told his ass do not
fucking talk to me like that! I walked out with Deshaun because no
muthafuckin nigga run me. I go back into the cafe and Frank had been asking
me where I was and Tay was getting on my nerves with his childish ass.
Frank kept asking me before I left did I wanna be alone with him, hell no, I
only knew Frank for a week, and if someone I dont kno is trrying to get me
alone with them and is so eager...I watch out for that..im not desperaste or
fucking stupid! So he text me, Frank does, and says i am mean..lol..like i
care? Then he pokes me on facebook and sends a message asking me why I
am so angry. I hate when people ask questions when you do not have an
understanding of the person yet! I am very complex and introverted! All of
the stuff you have read so far happened on Thursday April 22,2010. Now im
moving on to the next day which was Friday April 23,2010. For the past few
weeks I have not been sleeping good. I would sleep and wake up off and on
during the night, so friday morning i woke up at 3am and someone called
me from a blocked number at 5am. This is the second time this has
happened within a month, i am starting to wonder. The first time was three
weeks ago around 2am and when I answered the phone they did not say
anything. Shits crazy and so am I! I have not snapped i years and I know it
will be bad. I have been through some horrible situations in life so i am
kinda throwed but i am still a good person and give people chances, benefit
of the doubt.

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