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2010-04-24 13:46:07 (UTC)

Yesterday...How you so annoyed me pt.2!

Well to continue the story. I did get calls and texts about me coming back to
the school. Frank called and was trying to find me on facebook for a minute.
I ended going back to school and Deshaun, Raya, and Rakim were waitinng
for me. Too bad because I wanted to see Dakota but she left early. I was
laughing because Quan cussed Deshaun ass out for trying to check me and
for waking her up. So of course Deshaun was happy to see me but i was a
little irritated. I told him..."Since you all have been calling me to come back to
school where the fuck is my lunch." Everybnody was making excuses
including Deshaun. We go into our cafe and hang out for a minute. Alex
came to check me out and then that irritating bitch Myra came in. Myra has a
fucking crush on me,yea its the unisex shit i tiold yall about. I do not like
women in that way. Well Frank finally pops up, so i moved from Deshaun to
sit with Frank, hell I am not fucking or in a relationship with either..so I can
be a flirt whore all I want. Myra spoke to me and this bitch had the audacity
to ask me why I had not beem texting her back, I was trying not to snap
because I just told that bitch about that shit Sunday. So I gave Alex my phone
to give to Myra so that she could see I have been texting back. She gonna tell
me that I didnt text nothing after that and I told that bitch "for what? there was
not shit else to say after that!" I did however wanted to choke that bitch,
seriously. Then Myra asks me how come her number is not saved under her
contacts...lol. I ignored that bitch, I said what the fuck do I look like
explaining anything to anyone, let alone some bitch I am not fucking! I called
her because she gonna text me and ask whats my problem. So i called that
hoe and tried to be reasonable but i almost snapped and she got smart with
me, i hung up on that bitch. She just need not to say a fucking thing to me
because Imma end up fucking her up.Im fuming in the inside now while i am
writing this! stay tuned for part 3 to this.

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