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2010-04-24 00:04:40 (UTC)

Yesterday...How you so annoyed me!

Okay yesterday was crazy and very damn annoying. I woke up early in the
morning to go to school. I had to finish this damn speech that I did not end
up doing because I was so damn nervous. So while I was at school I saw my
ex-boyfriend also my first love from highschool, Antonio. I did not know that
he was attending my school to prepare for the police officer test. Of course i
chatted with him and found out he has been married for about 6mths now.
He was telling me how miserable he is. Of course we still love each other
and feelings are still there. Sometimes I wonder will we ever be together
again. He of course did want to have sex, but I declined because some things
I have respect for and marriage is one of them. I called my homegirl quan
and I went to her house for a few hours. While i was at quans house relaxing,
many of my homies from school kept calling me seeing where I was at and if
i was coming back. I lied and told them that I did not come to school yet,
when actually I had been there. I lied because I did not want to explain my
damn reason for leaving early. To my fucking surprise this guy who I used to
talk to, deshaun, had told all my friends that I was at school earlier and was
with some nigga...he was talking about Antono. That was what started the
annoyance because deshaun had his chance to kick it with me, but he wants
to mess around with many women and still messes with his kids mother. To
top it all off he is trying to talk to this other girl at school, so I was
wondering why was he in my business like that. I do not like deshaun like
that anymore, but now all of a sudden he wants to be in my face twenty four
seven...holding my damn hand and it is fucking me up with other males. I
mean he does not wanna commit to just me, but why cockblock? Oh the day
gets fucking better. Deshaun called me and was asking me where I was like
we fucking and dating when we are not. I do not know what makes him think
he got it like that? fucking funny!!!! *READ PART 2 TO THIS...GETS EVEN