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2010-04-23 13:19:16 (UTC)

ex psycho called again

Got a call from ex this morning again. She is still telling
me she loves me and she is hurt by this divorce.
I told her that she is already in bed with her bf so I made
the right choice in divorcing her.

Funny how people can see only what they want to see. I keep
hearing about my faults. I let her talk. Nothing was going
to be accomplished by it anyway. When she was done, I asked
why call? It is pretty meaningless to call because at the
end of the day, all that talk is for nothing.

She will go back to her man and that will be that. I told
her that too. I asked if she just wanted to feel better
about her decision to ransack the house and just run off
with her bf then go ahead and say whatever she needs to feel

I told her that these calls should stop. She can call for
business related issues and things like that but as far as
our relationship, we don't need to go there anymore.

I know that I'm not going to be that secret person she texts
and calls while she goes home to her bf. No bf role reversal
for me. She can do the crazy shit with someone else.

She even texts me asking if I saw a box with her shoes in it
and for me to bring it to her work. WTF? She ransacks my
home and can't even keep inventory of the shit they take?
Not my problem.

My friend told me that if she texts me again, I should
forward her msg to her bf. That should stop the texts. I
think I'll do that but I dunno, I still have to wait for the
courts to send me the final documents that I am divorced and
no CS and SS is needed. Ex could turn around and request for
money again. I don't want that.

Anyway, the house is slowly getting cleaner. Coming home to
a clean home makes it little easier to cope with being
alone. I guess I can start inviting my friends over for a
bbq or to watch a movie. Good thing ex left me one tv. She must
have felt generous or her u haul was too full to carry
anything else.Probably the latter. lmao

Now where the heck is my good Karma?? I could use some right
now among other needs..... It sometimes sucks to be a man....

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