Mary Jane

The Yelllow Submarine
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2010-04-23 20:18:08 (UTC)

Back and forth

I finally hung out with Thomas last night. It was fine,
friendly and not romantic. Its so turn on, turn off. I
don't know where to go. I am 75% sure that he is seeing
someone. He hasn't said, and yesterday he acted very tight
lipped about where he had been the last week. I know that
he has been working a lot, but I know Thomas. He did
mention that some girls had this cool thing, that he
wanted, and then he switched it to be about a specfic girl,
anyways I can't explain it, but I knew he was leaving some
information out. I know that I am going to feel like shit
when I do figure it out, unless I know that she sucks, and
then I will just feel like shit for him.
He always picks shitty people to be in realtionships with.
He was trying to tell me I make shitty choices, his are no

The last girlfriend he had, was the only one I have ever
liked. Her and I actually got along and she didn't take his
shit. All the rest of his girlfriends have always hated me,
they were insecure, crazy girls. I didn't know why then, I
thought they were stupid and hating on him having a girl
friend. But now I guess they saw how he acted or talked
about me. I dunno.weird.